Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Russell Barr Williamson - 4860 N Oakland Ave, Whitefish Bay

Russell Barr Williamson (1893-1964)

42 - 4860 N. Oakland Ave - The Russell Barr Williamson Residence
A brick Prairie School Style residence, the house was designed by Russell Barr Williamson as his own residence. It was constructed in 1921. The design reportedly is based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Henry Allen House in Wichita, KS. Russell Barr Williamson (1893-1962) was the supervising architect for that house while working for Frank Lloyd Wright and apparently adapted that design for his own home in Whitefish Bay. Williamson designed his own furniture for the living room, dining room and sunroom which are separated only by low planters. Williamson and his wife lived here for thirty years and then moved to Oostburg, Wisconsin where he continued his practice until his death at the age of 71.

Williamson worked for several years as supervisor of architectural planning in the office of Frank Lloyd Wright. He was the supervising architect for two of Wright’s Prairie style projects – the Bogk House and the American System Build prefab houses built by the Milwaukee developer Arthur L. Richard. For a time, Barr also designed houses as a member of the American Builders Service.

He came to Milwaukee in 1918 and, working on his own, created smaller homes with an emphasis on economy. Williamson returned however to the long, low “prairie” profile in 1921 for his own home which has a cross axial plan with the wings protecting a private garden area. Its similarity to a house designed by Wright in Kansas City has been noted.

He designed several Whitefish Bay homes. His best known work in Milwaukee is the Eagle’s Club, built in 1925 at 2401 West Wisconsin Avenue. Williamson’s career spanned more than forty years.

The residence was identified by the Wisconsin State Historical Society in a 1980 survey. It was declared a Milwaukee County Landmark Designation in 1977.

-- adapted from the Village of Whitefish Bay website